About Mielophone

Mielophone is a minimalistic application for searching, listening, downloading and discovering new music. It mashes up together databases like MusicBrainz, Last.FM and BBCRadio to deliver complete info about songs, artists and albums. And uses unique plugin system to search for publicly available mp3s and streams for desired songs.
Here's a little screencast:

And here's logos of catalogues where Mielophone is a featured app:

Best Software 4 Download Best Vista Download Windows 7 Download
Best Freeware Download Mielophone download
Top 4 Download X 64-bit Download Download Typhoon



Use integrated player to listen to your favorite music right from the Internet. Or download mp3s and play with a desktop player of your choice.


Powerful integrated download manager will handle both single song and full album downloads.


Easily scrobble what you listen using Last.FM. Connect with Facebook to automatically share your listening experience with friends.


Main principle followed while building Mielophone UI is minimalism in everything.


Flexible plugins system allows seamless integration of almost any streaming or mp3 provider into Mielophone. Adding plugin to application is as simple as copying one into "plugins/" folder. Everyone can create a plugin since Mielophone is completely open source (see Get involved section). Special plugins market are available to simplify plugin discovery process.

Get involved

Writing plugins is simple. But this section is not yet ready :D So just contact me if you are interested ;)


Installation process is simplified to maximum. There's currently two ways of getting the app installed:

  1. Downloading generic AIR package as well as Adobe AIR Runtime and installing them both (requires administrator access) [recommended]
  2. Downloading platform-specific package and installing it in a way common to selected platform (no administrator access required, does not have autoupdate feature!)

Download Adobe AIR.


If some links is not working below, you can always go directly to Github downloads section.


Download AIR package. [recommended]
Download Windows bundle here (v0.3.0). (Warning! Bundles does not have autoupdate feature!)

Mac OS X

Download AIR package. [recommended]
Download Mac OS X bundle here (v0.3.0). (Warning! Bundles does not have autoupdate feature!)


For Linux users it's a bit trickier. First, you'll need to install Adobe AIR itself. Latest version available for Linux is AIR 2.6.
Ubuntu users can just enter "sudo apt-get install adobeair" in command line to get it.
After installing AIR, grab a generic AIR package of Mielophone here.


Some kind of help section. Will be extended with common user questions.


Q: Do I need AIR?
A: If you have Linux, than absolutely yes. If you have Mac or Win, than you can use one of platform-specific bundles.

Q: There's no download button. Where is it?
A: Officially there's no download in Mielophone since this is not legal. But you can use user-created extensions to add this functionality.


You can contact me using email: mielophoneapp at gmail
Or you can use github messaging system. I'll try to answer ASAP. If you have found a bug or want to suggest a feature, please use github issues.

You can also follow news on: